Corporate Social Responsibility – What’s All The Buzz About!

Corporate social responsibility can be best explained as a company aligning its values with the greater benefit of our society. Meaning it engages in various contributions like community development, ethical responsibility, and environmentally conscious practices.

To assert your company as an environmentally friendly and conscious workplace may seem daunting at first. It often sounds like significant shifts and changes could happen, or perhaps there is a fear that your clientele won’t think you’re doing enough to regard yourself with such a title. We recommend educating yourself first on your options and being realistic about how much can be changed and how soon it should happen. At Markham Norton Mosteller Wright (MNMW), we have taken steps such as attending sustainability-focused programs that speak on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) within the workplace. ESG is a growing interest for many stakeholders and investors; they are looking for companies that are environmentally conscious and ethical in their decision-making. Measuring a company’s corporate social responsibility is relative, and one’s scores rely on their commitment, performance, and effectiveness through its actions more than its stats.

Here are some practical ways to grow in environmental consciousness:

  • Make intentional efforts to work with green businesses. For example, you could sponsor one of their events or bring them on as clients. Invest in their mission while investing in your future.
  • Use sustainable packaging. If possible and available, check out more sustainable options for packaging; such as recycled paper and cardboard.
  • Before throwing items away in the office, see if those items can be donated or upscaled for better use. For example, donating chairs or filing cabinets is acceptable.

Now implementing community development in the workplace is a value MNMW takes seriously. MNMW has a long history of commitment to serving our community. We’ve intertwined community responsibility in our work culture by providing opportunities for our employees to volunteer independently and participate in charitable events; for example adopting a foster child for the holidays and purchasing gifts.

To grow in community development, try some of these practical options:

  • Encourage your team to get involved with an organization whose mission they feel passionate about.
  • Get engaged in local toy drives or food drives.
  • Sponsor events/activities that will draw the community in and bring awareness to a local nonprofit. (For example, at MNMW we host an Annual Shred day to benefit the United Way and our community, along with running a food drive in the fall and a school supply drive in the summer)

Lastly, being a more ethically responsible company means showcasing integrity and fairness within the workplace. Showing respect and care for your employees and your clients. MNMW ensures having a well-rounded perspective from all departments through our Partner Leadership Team. Each partner leads a different department and comes together collectively to make decisions for the firm. An opportunity to advance to the partner level is offered to all employees with few stipulations. The firm has several avenues for team members to share their opinions and encourages two-way communication from the bottom to the top.

Some suggested actions to be ethically responsible include:

  • Reward ethical behavior in the workplace.
  • Hire with an emphasis on ethical behavior.
  • Be committed to keeping a standard for your leaders that they have to model company values.

Article Created by: Jaida Brown, MNMW Marketing Intern


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